Google Rank Checker SEO PHP Script

Google Rank Checker for SEO PHP Script

Here is Google Rank Checker PHP Script for SEO testing on your website or blog no need to modify the code can implement directly.

Our PHP Scripts are very simple to use and easy to modify and edit code for our desire for design and functionality.



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class RankChecker
	public $start; //Start page
	public $end; //End page
	public function __construct($start=1,$end=1)
	public function find($domainName,$keyword)
		for($start = ($this->start-1)*10; $start < $this->end*10; $start += 10)
			$keyword=str_replace(" ","+",$keyword);
			//echo $url."<br />";
			while( ($j=stripos($data,"<cite>",$j+1)) !==false )
				//echo "$j<br />";
				//echo "$link<br />";
				if (strpos($link,$domainName)!==false) {
			if ($flag) {
		if ($flag) {
			return array("url"=>$url,"page"=>$page);;
			return false;

How Google Rank Checker PHP Script Works

What is Google rank Checker?
This is an apparatus that shows by which catchphrases particular site positions in Google SERP and on what positions.

Our checker gives not simply a URL, position, and volume by catchphrase, yet additionally country code and language.

Cost per snap and rivalry level in Google Adwords. Catchphrases information is revived each month.
How to utilize Google Rank Checker? and Consolidate it with different devices.

Backlink Checker will assist you with finding backlinks your rivals have constructed or got to their sites
and get what the third-party referencing methodologies they use.

Other than you can utilize it to identify new backlinks that were worked to your site as well.

Google Rank Checker process

Rank Checker additionally assists with getting important information from both your sites and good sites.
Discover which catchphrases and in what nations carry the most traffic to your rivals and work on your SEO procedure.

Even though it is smarter to utilize Google Search Console for catchphrase SEO positioning examination by own locales.

Get significant SEO rankings reports to further develop your external link establishment or content advertising system.

How to use the google rank checker PHP script

At the point when you will comprehend which catchphrases are the most productive for your internet-based business.

Begin following them with a web crawler position tracker.
It assists with observing which of your upgrades in on-page and off-page SEO biggest affect site positioning.

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