Javascript Small Projects, Codes

12. Pixels Per Inch PPI Calculator Script

This PPI calculator pixels per inch calculator measures the resolution
Of your affectation accurate its ambit accordingly the pixel count per inch.
during this text calculation we will advise you what is PPI and analyze the differences
amid PPI vs DPI through the DPI definition completely.

PPI Calculator Script

11. 100GB Free Data Script Code

Get free 100gb data chargeless abstracts whatsApp site is best viral script
At whatsApp it accept some best results like force administration
Admirable attending and some added appearance you can additionally check
Accomplish your own 100gb costless tip code website with the script

100GB Free Data Script

10. Love Percentage Calculator Script Code

Love calculator calculates love percentage between two names value by 100 maximum
First input write your name then in second write name of lover to whome you want to check love
Test to run checker for testing result by names by value in huge meta data mining output.

Love Calculator Script

9. Body Mass Index BMI Calculator Script

Body Mass Index BMI Calculator
The full name of the BMI calculator is a Body Mass Index Calculator.
Which indicates the your BMI calculation. The BMI calculator for gents and BMI calculator for ladies
and BMI calculator for babies account your BMI application

BMI Calculator Script

8. Facebook Video Downloader Script

Script is a video downloader code for Facebook user allows you to any video in assorted quality.
The calligraphy has a different acknowledging architecture and complete with Bootstrap and javascript.
Easy use and modify this script on your blog or website page without much efforts.

Facebook Video Downloader Script

7. Facebook Love Reacts and Comments Script download

its a new code acknowledge work with latest stickers and like reacts facebook bot code
with best appearance you can modify your own sticker maker script for facebook
website by application this code real work with best efficiency without risk

Facebook Likes Comments Code

6. Fancy Text Blog Script Code Download

New Fancy Text Blog Script Code For adding in blogger pages and posts article designs

Now a argument architect is fashion on internet bodies authoritative own adorned argument
architect websites and earning lot of money. So you can accomplish your own argument architect website
in blogger abounding chargeless and acquire money.
it his designs absolutely bestin its attending and great design.

Fancy Text Blog Script Code

5. Whatsapp Gift Script Code Download

Whatsapp Gift Script Code free for blog or website full coding page with best design
wish others by this style on direct whatsapp link surprise everyone today
Beautifull designed page with nice working script code now

Whatsapp Gift Script Download

4. Wishing Gift Card by Name Script

Wishing Gift Card by your Name for happy birthday happy new year or custom wish Script code
By rankbp the wishing Script is occasion writing for a blog Script
with the assistance of this content you can make your occasion contributing to a blog site
and bring in additional cash by this Script, it is site agreeable Script and versatile too.

Wishing Gift Script

3. Love Magic Test Script download

Here is Love Magic Test Script complete code to use and modify on your side
Simple Love Percentage Calculator Project perhaps a smaller than usual venture
between the couple inside a second with only name with correct spelling

Love Test script

2. Countdown Timer JavaScript download

Free Complete Countdown Timer JavaScript coding
simple one page full script for many purposes single editable script
Many codes requirements are according to delay time and many function works of sequence of time required

Countdown Timer script

1. Complete game in javascript code

Complete game in javazcript code for free
Full game coding in javazcript complete code
and edit for your moderation in game for legends to show up

Javascript Game script