Love Percentage Calculator PHP Script

Love Percentage Calculator PHP Script Code

This is Love Percentage Calculator PHP Script download complete code to use and change on your site

What is Love Calculator Script

This Love calculator calculate love percentage between two people value by 100 maximum
First write your own name then write the name of lover to whome you want to check for
Click on Test to run checker for testing result by names value by big meta data mining.

Love Calculator Defination

Love calculator is basically a data mining work on name of entity works
Expression in heart does means to show same outside as well the people wants
Calculator is actually a tester for unique resulting values please give correct spells.

How to use this script

To use this script first of all add into page of your website or blog with design or without
Inside javascript tags is a working function which ought to be utilize for calculation
No extra effort need to change full code, customize only where your title and addtional output is.< br>