Love Magic Test Script download

Love Magic Test Script download code

Here is Love Magic Test Script download complete code to use and modify on your side

What is Love Magic Test

Straightforward Love Percentage Calculator Project perhaps a smaller than usual venture
created by Javascript language. The most mark of this undertaking is to compute the love rate
between the couple inside a second with only name with correct spelling

Love Test Defination

It does not need to make data sets to store the information for working out. First clients ought to enter the name and his/her sweetheart name.
Then, at that point, he should tap the compute box to ask the consequences of love in rate.

How to use this script

To alter or modify this content of script function or design you really want to open
so have to open the index.html in notepad++ or any word processor in your own particular manner
assuming you need to change this script code anyway so you can anytime in any case regardless .