Kamal Haasan’s Classic Movie “Pesum Padam” Will Be Re-Released Soon 

Kamal Haasan’s classic Tamil film, “Pesum Padam,” directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, set for re-release. The 1987 silent black comedy returns to theatres soon.

Kamal Haasan's Classic Movie "Pesum Padam" Will Be Re-Released Soon

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao directed “Pesum Padam,” first released in 1987 and starring Kamal Haasan and Amala, will soon be re-released into theatres for another showing.

Pesum Padam, an early example of silent black comedy in Indian cinema, is widely recognized for its unique storytelling without dialogues. Actors relied heavily on body language and facial expressions when performing, creating a timeless masterpiece in Pesum Padam.

This film follows a middle-class man as he searches for employment and encounters various miscommunications and coincidences that lead to romantic and comedic situations. The initial release was met with much enthusiasm in Bengaluru theaters where it ran successfully for five months after its initial debut.

Raaj Kamal Films International announced their re-release on their official Twitter account: 

This classic film’s return has delighted Kamal Haasan fans and movie lovers alike, who eagerly anticipate its debut back on theater screens once more.

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