keyword Rank Checker And Research Tool

Website keyword Rank Checker And Research Tool

Check Website Ranking by keyword Rank Checker And Research Tool of Keyword Planner a complete project code.

Get keyword rank checker PHP script the complete code to analyze any website or page keywords ranking.

	<title>Keyword Rank Checker by Rankbp</title>

  <form name="url_kw" action="search.php" method="get">
      <label for="url">URL:</label>
      <input type="text" name="url" id="url" size="55" value="<?= isset($_GET['url']) ? $_GET['url'] : 'http://' ?>" />
      <br />
      <label for="keyword">Keyword:</label>
      <input type="text" name="keyword" id="keyword" size="35" value="<?= isset($_GET['keyword']) ? $_GET['keyword'] : null ?>" />
      <br />
      <input type="submit" name="submit_button" value="SEARCH" onclick="this.value='Searching...';" />
      <input type="button" value="CANCEL" onclick="javascript: window.location='<?= $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] ?>';" />
      <br />

$position=new KeywordPosition($_GET['url'],$_GET['keyword'],10);
echo 'Not in search results';
echo 'You are at '.$index;

 * keywordPosition.php :: More details at
class KeywordPosition
	var $url='';
	var $keywords='';
	var $maxPosition=1;
	function KeywordPosition($url,$keywords,$maxPosition)
	function GetPosition()
		if(isset($this->url) && isset($this->keywords)) 
   			 $make_url = '' . urlencode($this->keywords) . '&start=';
			 $index=0; // counting start from here
			 $found=false; // set this flag to true when position found
   			 for ($page = 0; $page < $this->maxPosition; $page++) 
     			if($found==true) // break the loop when position found
	 			$readPage = fopen($make_url . $page  . 0 ,'r');
     			$contains = '';
      			if ($readPage) 
        			while (!feof($readPage)) 
            			$buffer = fgets($readPage, 4096);
            			$contains .= $buffer;
				$results = array();
				preg_match_all('/a href="([^"]+)" class=l.+?>.+?<\/a>/',$contains,$results);
				foreach ($results[1] as $link) 
				$link = preg_replace('(^http://|/$)','',$link);
				if (strlen(stristr($link,$this->url))>0) 
			return $index;
			return -1;
   	return -1;	

keyword rank checker PHP script working

Ranking of keyword Checker PHP Script and research tool for keyword planner.

I have made this keyword checker PHP script however shows the position or ranking of a page for a specific watchword search.

It additionally shows a see of how a specific page looks web index results page.

However keyword is a nonexclusive term alluding to all web search tool results, I will just zero in on keywords.

This is a watchword positioning checker PHP script that permits checking the Google positioning of a page for a specific catchphrase on the web.

however, this presents a few difficulties since keyword limits reject information from their pages.
There is a workaround to utilizing the ranking API.

You can download the source code for this PHP script for nothing.

The SERP Checker PHP script is allowed to use for individual and business use with attribution. Kindly incorporate a connection

Look at the free keywords SERP checker front page.

How to use this script

Utilizing these keywords watchword position checker PHP script you will want to recover the current position of a page.
for a particular catchphrase in the language or country you need.

Before downloading the source code for the PHP watchword rank checker,
we should clear up certain terms and spread out the essentials for my SERP checker script.

What’s the significance here?
SERP or Search Engine Result Page alludes to how the web crawler shows query items.

Among SEO experts keyword regularly alludes to how might a page appear in the outcomes and the page positioning in the indexed lists.

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