PHP script code for backlinks checker

PHP script code for backlinks checker function

PHP script code for backlinks checker of any website complete functionality coding template design by the rankbp.

Pay attention to better content so others must add your link for reference of any content.

Your content needs more referring websites to grow up and referring domains may also help in getting more traffic.

Referring knowledge is called backlinks information means many sites are having your page link there.

backlink checker PHP script code

This is the Backlink checker PHP script code for website links checking on other sites free to check the total backlink connecting any website page.

 Class Backlink-checker
class LP_backlinkchecker
var $url;
var $content;
var $links;
var $linktocheck;

  function __construct($url, $linktocheck)
    $this->url = $url;
    $this->linktocheck = $linktocheck;
  function SetLinktocheck($link)
    $this->linktocheck = $link;
  function getContents()
    $this->content = file_get_contents($this->url);

  function lpFetchLinks()
   $regexp = "<a\s[^>]*href=(\"??)([^\" >]*?)\\1[^>]*>(.*)<\/a>";
   preg_match_all("/$regexp/siU", $this->content, $matches);
   $this->links = $matches;
   return $matches;
   function check()
    foreach($this->links[2] as $key => $url)
       if($url == $this->linktocheck)return TRUE;
    return FALSE;  

Importance of the backlink

The backlink method is the best piece of site ranking improvement way
Rank to any site helps see what kind of keywords are good on your site.
In case your site going to rank down of unknown backlinks you need to monitor it.
Then you should do it with some hard work by posting guest posts on other sites.

Backlink Definition

The ranking capacity takes time, the first being different engagements.
Check the link and the rest sites’ identifications for certain domains.
The rank by backlinks is surety of search engines.
Check links of the URL you are checking for existing script recognition.

Worth a backlink

To benefit from this backlink is nice to have site ranking with each of the links playing a very vital role.

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