Backlink checker php script Code

backlink checker php script code

This is Backlink checker php script code for website links checking on other sites free to check total backlink connecting any website page.

Importance of the backlink

Backlink method a best piece of site ranking improvement way
As rank to any site helpful in seeing what kind of keywords are good on your site.
In case your site going rank down of unknown backlinks that you need to monitor
Then you should do it by some hard work posting guest posts on other sites.

Backlink Defination

The ranking capacity takes time, the first being different engagements.
checking link and the rest sites identifications for certain domain.
The rank by backlinks is surety of search engines.
checking links of the URL you are checking for existence script recognize.

Worth of a backlink

To benefit from this backlink is nice to have
site ranking with each of the link plays very vital role
Work in PHP to check every single of the URLs into internet.

Dofollow Backlink Benefits

Likewise, on the off chance that you are having there are different types
Dofollow are best to have for ranking site up
Dofollow backlinks increase the domain authority and domain rating
Work with a dofollow links is tough to have real and safe for website

Pay attention to better content so others must add your link for reference of any content