PHP code for signup | registration page

PHP code for signup registration page

Here is PHP code for signup page complete coding with mysql query script



How to use this script

we have utilized the PHP inbuilt password_hash() capacity to make a secret phrase hash
from the secret word string entered by the client.
This capacity makes a secret phrase hash utilizing a solid single direction hashing calculation.
It likewise creates and applies an irregular salt naturally while hashing the secret word;

this essentially implies that regardless of whether two clients have similar passwords, their secret word hashes will be unique.
signup data is important for any server keeping personal info private in the system

Even from the database management team some of user information are prohabited to see and share
Private data of any entity is security of this website organization and must be inside the security line

Privacy is always privacy for each person it has equal rights to keep private in server
By the international no entity has right to share data for others on any behalf.