website seo checker php script

website seo checker php script

Here is website seo checker php script complete code to use and customize on your website




What is website seo checker php script

as of late distributed a post with regards to a SEO test we are running.
With this examination we are attempting to get that page to rank in Google for some catchphrase look.
We know the watchwords need to rank for, so to screen the outcomes for the investigation
We need to know how high (or low) my page is in Google list items.

How to use this script

We can physically look for website SEO test and We can see that my page is number 1 in the outcomes.
That is simple, however imagine a scenario in which I need to check my page rank for website SEO analyze.
we are not on the principal page. Going to page 2 of the list items we can see my pageon first place of that subsequent page.