How To Get Rich Results Of SEO

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How To Get Rich Results Of SEO Test

Learn to get Rich Results from SEO Tests for every post and page by simple search engine optimization guidelines step by step.

Getting rich results for search console testing of content and related metadata of any web page keywords that the webmaster seeks.

How Rich Results Are Important

In this case, You can impart the URL in your program to different designs to share your delivered outcomes.
In the device greeting page, pick Code rather than URL for the test, then, at that point, glue the code to be tried.

First of all Test Your Page SEO on Google Search Rich Results. Now if the response to your page is got rich result is positive.

In this condition, you do not need to update complete metadata everything is fine
but this result is coming for only the front page but not other pages.

Here you need to update other pages, not front page metadata.

If you are using WordPress you need to change plugins for SEO.

If you are using custom website coding its simple to set the same on every page

Guide For Rich Results SEO Every Page indexing

All page assets should be available by an unknown client getting to the code from the web.
script type=”application/ld+json”

Give complete by website on every single page.

Any assets that are behind a firewall or secret word safeguarded won’t be accessible to the test.

On the off chance that your page is behind a firewall or facilitated on your neighborhood machine, you can test it by uncovering a passage.

Rich Results in detail

You can alter the code and rerun the test by clicking Run test as frequently as you like.

Alternatively, pick a client specialist You can pick which client specialist to utilize while testing your page
that is, test your page with a cell phone or a workstation.

Pick a client specialist from the rundown beneath the URL or code section textbox.

The default client specialist is a cell phone, due to Google’s versatile first drive which mirrors the expanded utilization of cell phones to get to pages.

Assuming your site is portable first, we suggest utilizing the cell phone client specialist for your testing,
except if you have explicit motivations to utilize the work area, client specialist.

For all destinations, there must be a path that a checking bot can understand we suggest utilizing the versatile client specialist since this is how most clients peruse the web today.

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