Rowoon Opens Up About Fan Hate In SF9 Farewell

Rowoon announces his departure from SF9 after seven years for solo endeavors and voices worry about potential negativity as well as thanks.

Rowoon Opens Up About Fan Hate In SF9 Farewell

As revealed by the company, K-pop group SF9 has re-signed a contract with FNC Entertainment on Monday. And as all eight members re-signed with FNC, Rowoon, the last of nine members to decide that it would be a step back from group activities in order for him to focus on his solo and grow as a solo artist.

Rowoon’s Heartfelt Note to Fans

Rowoon made the announcement of his departure from SF9 on their official fan cafe recently although he was worried for possible hate comments. Instead, he chose courage and to face any negative consequences directly.

His letter said, “I realize I might get as much disdain and disapproval as curiosity and support, but maybe I am occasionally too weak to confront and refute misconceptions.”

Rowoon talked about his recent act of distancing himself from the fans and apologized for his “neglected attitude” and after looking back to 7 years being an idol and a member of SF9 he thanked all the one who have been with him all these years and requested the fans to keep supporting him by telling them that he will be same shownu always.

FNC Entertainment Provided Their Statement

FNC Entertainment has released an official statement in the early hours of this morning reading, “SF9, who have been under an 8-member exclusive contract since 2016, have re-signed their contracts with us. However, member Rowoon will conduct individual activities such as acting.”


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