Sandalwood Stars Darshan and Sudeep Might Reconcile at Sumalatha’s Birthday Bash

August 27, 2021, Bengaluru – The ongoing rivalry between the prominent Sandalwood actors Darshan and Sudeep might see an end, as per a recent article published by Filmibeat Kannada. According to the source, the two stars might finally put their differences aside at Sumalatha’s 60th birthday celebration.

Sandalwood Stars Darshan and Sudeep Possible Reconciliation Sumalatha's Birthday Bash

Actress and Mandya Member of Parliament, Sumalatha, has sent out private party invitations to both these actors for celebrating her upcoming milestone birthday at an undisclosed hotel.

In the recent past, the feud between Darshan and Sudeep has created something of a tumult in the Sandalwood industry. It’s been indicated that despite several attempts by key industry players to mend their relationship, success has eluded them. However, the joint influence of Sumalatha and well-known producer Rockline Venkatesh is expected to turn the tide towards peace during this forthcoming birthday celebration.

The actors’ fans, who have been long hoping for their reconciliation, are eagerly waiting for this day. Both Darshan and Sudeep boast significant fan bases who have expressed their desire to witness the actors bury the hatchet and rekindle their friendship. If the actors are seen together at the event, it would indeed bring a moment of joy for their devotees.

While the outcome is shrouded in uncertainty, the industry is hopeful that Sumalatha’s landmark birthday could pave the way for a positive turn of events. As they say, time will tell, and with the party looming, we might soon find out about the pair’s reconciliation.


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