SEO Ranking Checker PHP

PHP Code for SEO Ranking Checker

SEO Checker PHP script working code for website latest and updated code easily can be modified at any website page.

if (isset($_POST["domain"]) 
&& isset($_POST["query"])){

$GOOGLE_API_KEY = 'Insert Google API Key';
$GOOGLE_CSE_CX = 'Insert Custom Search ID';

$query = urlencode($_POST["query"]);
$domain = $_POST["domain"];

//pages - how many pages should the search extend

$pages = isset($_POST["pages"])?
$gl = isset($_POST["gl"])?
$hl = isset($_POST["hl"])?

$found = false;
echo "<ul>";
for ($page = 1;$page <= $pages &&
 $found == false;$page++){
$apiurl = sprintf('https://
	// echo $apiurl;
$json = file_get_contents($apiurl);
// $json = file_get_contents
$obj = json_decode($json);

foreach($obj->items as $idx=>$item){
if(strpos($item->link, $domain)){
	$found = true;
	echo "<li>";
	} else{
echo "<li class='other'>";
echo "<span class='rank'>".
($idx + ($page-1)*10 +1)."</span>";
echo "<span class='title'>"
echo "<span class='link'>".$item->link."
echo "<span class='snippet'>".
echo "</li>";
if ($found !== true){
		echo "<li>";
echo "<span class='title'>".
$domain." not found</span>";
		echo "</li>";
	echo "</ul>";


Why SEO Ranking Checker needed

This is the justification for why we have referenced the best SEO checker PHP scripts that are furnished with numerous site streamlining elements and offices.

The contents recorded here are fit for giving a point-by-point SEO reports,

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Website SEO Checker Tool – PHP Script

Search engine optimization investigation instrument is one of the most incredible
PHP script through which you can audit site subtleties.

It gives explained SEO reports and insights which are gainful for web examination in PDF record design.

With this SEO script, you can undoubtedly enhance URL data and ascertain
the space age from the date of area enrollment.

That is not all, the content likewise gathers social offer counts, and checks both

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Website Rank effects on visitors

PHP Script Beginning to end is one more PHP script that comes stacked with 50+
SEO devices that assist you with following different SEO issues on a site.

With this content, you can amplify the permeability of your site on various web search tools.

The content directs a full examination of the substance accessible on your site for

On condition joins page speed, broken connections, and various other SEO choices.
It offers a framework to oversee clients, single tick promotions coordination,
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SiteSpy is intended for individuals who need subtleties for remarkable guests,
the site hit, skip rate, normal stay time, normal visits, and other guest examinations.

This PHP script gives an API through which you can just coordinate it into different applications.

SERP Checker PHP Code

Furthermore, it holds SEO devices for connecting investigation, watchword position examination,
the auto catchphrase idea, page status check, and so forth
Website design enhancement Information Portal
PHP Script
In case you will think about the subtleties of various sites and need to make
reports for cutthroat investigation then you ought to have this SEO script.

It has an amazing administrator board that assists you with overseeing different SEO choices, reports, API keys, custom pages, promoting spots, and so on.

Website optimization Information Portal content can likewise count HTML labels,
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